About me

My name is Nizar Hakeem, and I am an IT professional with more than 12 years of experience in IT infrastructure system engineering and operations. Over the years I have developed multiple professional interests in different areas such as a number of Microsoft products, data center infrastructure, VMware, AWS, WordPress, Blockchain, security awareness along with IT governance and management frameworks that are now a must in our career. So in my career path I am sort of “Jack of all trades and master of some”. For more information about me professionally, please check my résumé page or my Linkedin Profile.

Jack of all trades and master of Some

I started to know WordPress in 2009, and ever since that time I wanted to start a blog of my own, but never had the time to create content. But now, with the curfew and quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic, I could spare some time to share ideas with you in this blog and hope to continue sharing content after we get our normal lives back. I learned WordPress all on my own and now I have a lot of tips and tricks that I will be sharing with you in future blog posts.

I don’t claim to be an “influencer”. On the contrary, I’m influenced by every encounter and everything I read, watch or do and would like to share it here in this personal webspace.

About this Blog

This blog is about all the above-mentioned areas of expertise and some other stuff that I would like to share with you such as movies, series, documentaries, commercials, weird facts and probably some other boring stuff.

I have already planned some educational videos and some other information security awareness material, and I would also love to hear your suggestions!


Technology is evolving so fast that the average IT-user is not able to keep up!

Talking to people in the office, in a coffee shop or anywhere else, I came to notice a huge gap between technological advancements and the average IT user. Technology is evolving so fast that the average IT-user is not able to keep up! In this blog, I will make it my mission to try to narrow this gap.  The majority of my blog posts target the average IT-user, so if you use a computer, tablet or mobile phone you would be able to relate to most of the blog posts on this website. Some other posts are intended to fellow IT professionals and non-IT professionals that might be looking to enhance their IT skills.  Apart from I.T.,  posts in categories such as movies, lifestyle or others are supposed to have their own followers as well, or so I hope.

The main mission of this blog is to narrow the gap between the average IT-user and the rapid evolvement of technology.

Content Update

I will try to keep posting helpful content as much as I can, but please remember that I’m doing this while raising two wonderful kids and having a full-time demanding job, so be nice 🙂 and have mercy! Please do share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section of each post, or through contact page

Thank you!

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