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COVID-19 Corona Map and Statistics Websites

The most useful corona statistics sites compiled

COVID-19 Corona Map and Statistics Websites

Data plays an important role in the way countries are dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While doctors and nurses are fighting the outbreak in hospitals all around the world, developers are busy presenting readings in the most useful ways to help governments take data-driven decisions.

While Apple developed a screening tool, and Facebook built its own information center, other tech giants like google took instantaneous measures and put plenty of resources to help in this battle against corona. In this post, I’m sharing with you a compiled list of coronavirus tracking websites.

#1 Google COVID-19 Corona Map and Statistics Site

Google COVID-19 Coronavirus dedicated websites provides safety tips, data insights, and plenty of available resources to help in remote work, and remote learning, they even got a remote job opportunities search engine, check it out here.

Below are some other useful links from google


#2 Bing COVID-19 Corona Map and Statistics Site

Same as google, another tech giant, Microsoft, put their resources to help in the corona battle and came out with the below corona tracking map and statistics on Bing.com:

From an end-user point-of-view, I found Bing’s corana tracking website much more friendly and detailed than that of google.


#3 Channel News Asia COVID-19 Corona Map

With the virus originating from china, it is only natural that Chinese tech giants and media be the first to present such data. While Baidu, China’s local search engine and tech giant, came out with an app to show where corona patients are (source),  Channel News Asia came out with the below map showing the number of cases, deaths and recovered cases in each country around the world.


#4 COVID-19 Corona Tracking Map and Statistics by Undergraduates

This one is my favorite, because it is done by a group of undergraduates from the universities of Stanford, Virginia, Virgina Tech and UVA.

The students are: Zaya Battogtokh, Soukarya Ghosh, Austin Stout, James Yun, and they have come out with a corporate-quality tracking map for COVID-19 coronavirus.

DXYCOVID19JapanECDCJHUWHOCDCWikipediaUSAFactsNYTCov19BrRIVMcovid.isFHIcovid19zaSanté Publique FranceRKI GermanyPublic Health England

#5 My COVID-19 Corona Map and Tracking Website: Hakeem.me/COVID

Ya, that’s right. I figured, everybody is adding “/COVID19” to there website URL, so why not me.

I humbly present to you my own version of COVID-19 Corona Virus tracking website which also uses reliable data sources such WORLDOMETERS and Johns Hopkins CSSE.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find these statistics useful and helpful in the fight against corona, and I really wish we will soon stop using them, put all this behind our backs and move with our lives. Everyone is fighting this corona pandemic in their own way, most of us can simply fight the virus by just staying at home. Yup! The time has come where you can save the world by just sitting at your couch in your pajamas #StayAtHome #StaySafe

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