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“DARK” – German Mystery at its Best

The best Netflix original I have ever seen so far!

Dark – German Mystery at its Best

I might be a little late to the party, given that the first season of the German Netflix original series “Dark” was released two years ago, but I finally had the chance to finish the first two seasons available on Netflix (10 episodes in season one and 8 episodes in season two) and I felt like sharing my experience with you.

The Plot

A story of four families in the town of Winden, Germany intertwine together in a paradox of time connecting the present to the past and the future with a supernatural twist.


La Casa de Papel or Money Heist is said to be the most-watched series on Netflix, worldwide. And it is supposed to be the best on the platform, and it was to me (season 1 and 2 at least), until I saw “DARK“.

A lot of people are comparing “Dark” to other shows. Some say it reminds them of the last seasons of “Lost”, others say it is the German version of “Stranger Things”. Well, it is not a copy of neither. “Dark” season 1 is a masterpiece, and the only thing better than season one is season two. And I really hope they don’t mess it up in the coming season three the way Spanish did in Money Heist, and the Americans did in “Lost”.

Two seasons of the series were released so far,  and I believe the series will get spoken about for many years to come.

When is Dark season 3 release date?

Season 3 of “Dark” is scheduled on June 27, 2020, that’s two months from now. And this is a special date in the storyline of the series itself.

What I loved about Dark

    • Characters: Being the first German series I watch, I didn’t know any of the cast. But whoever did the casting, they have done a great job. You get to appreciate the casting particularly when you watch the same character in different timelines played by different actors of older or younger age.
    • Story: The story is so well tied together. It keeps you wondering, and when it answers one question, many others pop up in your mind. I applause the writers.
    • Music: The music is so unique, and it definitely contributes positively to the show’s success.
    • Culture: I got to know more about German culture. It is good to take a break from Hollywood once in a while.


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Some Advice if you want to Watch Dark

Here is some advice to help you make the most out of the series.

Who is it for

If you are a #Netflixandchill kind of person looking for a nice comedy and not in the mood for a brain-stimulating experience, don’t watch this show, you will hate it. If you are not into sci-fi, don’t watch this show. However, if you like movies such as “Inception”, “The Matrix” or “Interstellar”  you will absolutely love “Dark”.

Watch “Dark” in the original German language and not English dubbing

English dubbing for some characters, such as “Charlotte” is not in its best shape. If you are used to watching with subtitles, this won’t be a big difference to you. Original is always better.

Full Attention Required

Don’t watch the show while scrolling Instagram or twitter or doing anything else. This is a type of entertainment that needs your full attention. You will need to get your head in the game if you want to enjoy it. It is so complicated that missing a small detail may ruin it for you.

Memorize The Names

The series got so many characters in three or four different timelines. You need to memorize the names and know who is who especially if you are not familiar with German names.

The four main families in the series are: Kahnwald, Doppler, Nielsen, and Tiedeman.

Dark Series reviewed
Screenshot from Dark Series – Season Two

Final Thought on “Dark” Series

I’ve just finished watching season 2, I gave it a 9/10 rating on IMDB, and I know what I’m gonna do next”: watch season 1 again. Because, and I quote a famous line from the show: “the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end”.

The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

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